Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is Tiger Back? Don't Doubt It


Its funny how some people react to doubt.  There are some people who hear doubt and they quiver.  They are so afraid of denial that they cower when the smallest hint of doubt comes along they can't compete and they fall apart.  Then there are those who love doubt.  Love to prove you wrong.  Love it when their back is against the wall just so they can say I told you so when they achieve their goals. 

Guess where Tiger lands?  Tiger has that mindset that one must have to ever be considered the very best ever.  Jordan had it.  Babe Ruth had it.  It doesn't come along very often.  That mentality that says "Please doubt me.  I just really want to make you look stupid."  When people doubted whether he would ever win a championship, he brought out that inner fire and he won 3 in a row, with eventually ending with six.  When Ruth was traded to the Yankees for not even a player in return, he just wanted to show Red Sox management that they would be very upset about their transaction.  I think he did a pretty good job of that what with the 659 home runs he hit while wearing the New York Yankee uniform. 

Now Tiger Woods is being doubted.  Everyone is saying he is done.  He keeps hearing how he is getting older.  How he cannot handle all the off the course issues in his personal life.  How he is still good, but its coming time to hand over the torch.  Tiger Woods still likes how the torch feels in his hands and he isn't just going to hand it over. 

I understand people's fear.  They do not want to see a Emmitt Smith in a Cardinals uniform situation.  We don't want to see our heroes at anything but their very best.  Don't count out Tiger's best just yet.  Tiger can win tourneys with his desire alone.  Nobody has the drive and determination that he endows.  People say that nobody is afraid of Tiger anymore?  Well lets see how they feel after the surge he just made at the Masters.  Everyone said he had no chance of coming back.  Surprise surprise he proved them wrong.  Keep doubting him please, because i personally like to see Tiger Woods win tournaments.

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