Sunday, May 1, 2011

Should We Stop Hating Lebron James?

Maybe it has been too long.  I mean the decision happened almost ten months ago, shouldn't we just forge how he ripped the hearts out of n entire community struggling enough as it is?  He is doing decent down in Miami this season now going into his second round series with the Celtics.  He told us that he didn't quit against the Celtics last year and that must mean its true.  No one ever lies.  "If the glove don't fit you must acquit."  We all remember that he was also telling the complete and utter truth.  He must have just had a bad series in what would have been his last in Cleveland.

We should probably ignore that Lebron, along with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, made all those other teams such as the Knicks, Bulls, Nets, and Cavs come shoot their pitch to him as if he hadn't already made his decision on the Heat.  Hey I would like all the gifts they probably gave him too, and he didn't make it too obvious that he made that plan years ago.  Alright maybe he didn't do a good job of hiding that. 

We should just relish in the fact we are looking at one of the best ever.  Who cares if Jordan would have never teamed with Bird or Magic or Ewing or Malone or anyone in his way.  It isn't Lebron's fault he would rather have a reputation of running to Miami to team with his friends rather than go up against the best in the NBA.  Maybe Lebron is just Robin status and didn't want the bat symbol in the sky to be for him. 

We shouldn't relish at the stat that he is 1 for 8 when the game is on the line this season.  This is a man's psyche we are talking about!  He is very fragile, just let him pass with 2 seconds left. 

Enough joking for now.  Lebron is taking on the Boston Celtics in the second round of the playoffs and after the fact that he quit on his team and his city since he knew it was his last there and he felt he would win many championships as soon as he went to go play with his friends in South Beach.  I respect James as a basketball talent, but I don't respect how James is handling everything else.  He now walks around with a better than you attitude that we just never witnessed in Cleveland.  When he was there he owned that city.  Win lose or draw they would love him unconditionally, because he was one of them.  Growing up in nearby Akron he was a Cleveland boy.  Now he might as well be the Antichrist to ohioans.  Now I don't think the same thing, but I do think Lebron is, and always will be, sidekick material, and for tricking me for so many years that he wanted to be Jordan status just to watch as he showed me otherwise on national television I will always dislike "the King".  Funny though, the king has yet to ever get crowned.

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