Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Letter To Arod

Dear Mr. Rodriguez,

I am a baseball fan and I would just like to say I respect what you have done throughout your career.  With that being said I feel you must know how I feel about you being a Yankee.  You have brought in some great moments like your 500th and 600th home runs and pretty much the whole World Series run in 2009.  However I feel as if now its time to say our good-byes.

You make best player in the world money when you aren't even the best third basemen in our division.  It seems you would rather be on the front page of rather than be the story on  You love yourself, which is good because you are about the only person in New York who likes you.  In 2009, the entire spotlight was not on a great Yankee season, but on you and your admission of steroid use.  You blame much of this on your cousin, Yuri Sucart, yet even though he was banned from all team related activities he still shows up at the team hotel.  Is that you just trying to show that you think you are above the game, or even worse, above the legacy of the Yankees?  You love the drama, just admit it.

You spend more days on the disabled list than you do spending time with your teammates.  We all know how our captain actually feels about you.  How are we stuck with you until the year 2017?  How did you actually make 31 million dollars last year?  Did you seriously become the first player to make over 30 million a year and the first player to end his teams season with a strike out to end the game within one year of each other?  Is it bad that I knew, as well as every other Yankee fan, that when you came up to bat against Jose Valverde you were going to fail miserably?  I honestly was hoping that for some reason Joe Girardi went crazy and took you out and put in Andrew Jones.

Also please take out the clause that says if you break Mays', Ruth's, Aaron's, and Bonds' records.  You do not deserve to get a six million dollar bonus when all of your home runs come in the third inning or when were up by six or down by ten.  Congratulations, you can hit a home run when absolutely nobody in the world could give a hoot.

You do not act like a Yankee.  Paul O'Neill was a Yankee.  Tino Martinez is a Yankee.  Derek Jeter is the Yankees.  You are just someone who was blessed to wear the uniform that you have no idea what actually means.  You could have been baseball, period.  You were playing on the biggest stage every single night.  If you succeed in New York, you are immortalized.  Babe Ruth, immortal.  Lou Gehrig, immortal.  Mickey Mantle, immortal.  Joe DiMaggio is a gosh darn immortal.  Yet not one of them had the talent that you have.  Do us all a favor, go play for Pittsburgh.  If you can't take a step back and realize that maybe you were a little full of yourself and that you should love the people who put you where you are now, then you are completely a lost cause.  I hope this wasn't too much truth for you, sir.

A Concerned Fan Sick of You Ruining the Game I Love

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