Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New York Finally Made A Change...The Wrong One

I am going to start this off by saying that I hate the Tebow hype.  I thought it was undeserved in a sense and that it was too big too fast.  That being said, the Jets benching Mark Sanchez was the right move, but starting Greg McElroy was not the best pick for the future of this ball club.  The seventh round draft pick was inactive last week when the Jets played that terrible game against the Titans.

The Jets had to make some kind of move after Mark Sanchez's performance.  You don't get to fumble away your team's playoff chances without having some consequences.  It was shown all season that Sanchez was not the right quarterback for this team.  It seemed every bad game he had was blamed on his lack of talent or the fact they didn't "let him loose".  We saw on Monday night what happens when you let him loose.  Sanchez threw for four interceptions throughout that game and also fumbled on the Jets last play on the 25 yard line going in to score.  The move at quarterback was necessary at this point.

Why go with McElroy?  Is it because he scored seven points against a dreadful Arizona Cardinals team?  The Seahawks scored fifty eight on them the following week.  Where is McElroy going to be for you next year?  Is he going to be next year's starter?  Is that even an option?

Here is the point I am trying to make, you misused Tim Tebow.  You know it, the media knows it, the fans know it, and Tebow knows it.  You cannot rectify the situation, but you can stop the bleeding.  There are two situations that can happen if Tebow starts, he will either suck and you will lose or he will play decent and you will probably win.

In the first scenario, you are no longer the bad guy.  If Tebow is truly bad then everyone starts to understand why it took until week 16 to give him an actual chance.  We have seen Tebow for around seventy plays throughout the season.  They never really came on a full drive or at an opportune time.  Before the season there was talk to have Tebow replace Sanchez in the redzone, but that was later nixed.  There was talk of creating a Wildcat package close to the one the Jets ran for Brad Smith a few years back.  Again, that didn't seem to be used to any extent.   Starting a bad Tebow would give the Jets coaching staff an excuse.

Then there is the latter.  What happens if Tebow wins the next two games for the Jets?  They can make their record 7 and 9.  They can use the fact that they were missing Darrelle Revis and Santonio Holmes for most of the season as a reason why their record wasn't better.  If they win those last two games behind Tebow, it could save most of the jobs in the Jets front office.  Rex Ryan should have looked at the facts of the situation and stopped making decisions by "his gut", as he put it during his interviews after the decision.

Now, the Jets are going into battle with the Chargers with a man who has a career total of seven passes.  You have two pissed off quarterbacks on your team.  You have claimed all year that Tebow was your backup quarterback.  This decision makes it look like the entire organization is full of liars and that we can never trust with their word again.  That is what we will be taking away from this decision, and it could spark the end of the Rex Ryan era for Gang Green.

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