Sunday, June 19, 2011

Need A Quarterback? Join The Club

So you think you hate the NFL lockout?  Well there are 13 teams who may hate it more than you.  Quarterback is the most important position in football, and these teams have no idea what they are doing with said position.  Whether they drafted the quarterback of the future and they need Mr Right Now, or they just have a jumble at the position and they are just straight up confused, these teams need a collective bargaining agreement before the GMs go bald with anxiety.  The list goes from the least desperate team to the team that is basically crying themselves to sleep at this point. 

13) Jacksonville Jaguars:  The Jags have a very important season ahead of them.  Its thought to be a make or break season for coach Jack Del Rio as upper management and ownership have demanded a team that contends for the playoffs.  Jacksonville has their quarterback of the future in Blaine Gabbert, but without a full training camp will he be able to start the season from day one?  David Garrard is getting payed like a starter but lately has been playing like a backup.  There are many scenarios the Jaguars could go into here, but i believe they will go with what sticks and hope the new guy develops for down the road.  Garrard has never really done Jacksonville wrong and I believe that he will be a great teacher and leader for Gabbert to learn from.  For now the nod will go to David.

Starting QB Week 1: David Garrard

12) Buffalo Bills:  The Bills may not know what the future holds for them in terms of the quarterback position, but the present doesn't look as bleak as it does for some teams.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is coming off quite possibly his best season.  He isn't the big name the Bills need to bring the people back to the stadium, but he will definitely do for now.  Look for the Bills to pull out another season with Ryan with hopes next year they can get their hands on Andrew Luck of Stanford.  If Ryan were to go down with an injury there is no light at the end of this tunnel.  With only Brian Brohm as the backup, the Bills need Fitzpatrick on the field for 16 games this year.  Nobody knows what is the future of the Buffalo Bills quarterback position, but at least they know 2011.

Starting QB Week 1: Ryan Fitzpatrick.

11) Oakland Raiders: The Oakland Raiders have a quarterback controversy?  Stop it!  This never happens to them!  In all seriousness though, this is probably the best position the Raiders have been in quarterback wise in a long time, they're used to being tops on this list.  With Jason Campbell looking like the frontrunner to start, I still feel like they need to resign Bruce Gradkowski as a solid backup plan.  Campbell may have had a sub-par season last year, but he is now used to being in Oakland.  He will have a new offensive system to learn, and a new coach to learn how to play for, but with a steady competition with Gradkowski, I believe Campbell will step up his game this season and show everyone his true talent and ability.  If he doesn't he will try to make holding a clipboard look as good as humanly possible.

Starting QB Week 1: Jason Campbell

10) Denver Broncos:  New Broncos head coach John Fox may have the hardest decision in all of football to make.  Do I start the guy I want to build my franchise around, or do I go with the veteran who has proven he can run our offense and be a winner?  Tim Tebow showed promise in the three games he got to start, but Kyle Orton showed he could do it in the previous 26 starts for Denver.  My prediction is Kyle Orton will be a starting QB for an NFL this season, but will it be the Broncos?  Well for one i feel as if Denver will resign Brady Quinn to be a backup and provide extra leadership for Tim Tebow.  I feel like it would be best for both parties for Kyle Orton to be traded.  Even though coach Fox doesn't believe Tebow has proven anything, we all know his era has begun in Denver.  Don't put Orton through a training camp where he thinks he has a shot to be the quarterback of the future.  Get what you can for him in a trade.  The future is now for Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.

Starting QB Week 1: Tim Tebow

9) Carolina Panthers:  With the first overall pick in the NFL Draft the Carolina Panthers picked Cameron Newton from Auburn.  That sentence usually spells starting QB week one, but the lockout is hampering some serious mechanics work Newton needs with the coaches.  Jimmy Clausen did not fair well in his first season as an NFL quarterback, and I don't believe the Panthers think they can develop him into one that can be successful.  I fully expect Carolina to get rid of Clausen via trade or release.  I believe they will bring in a veteran for Cam to work with and make his skills as crisp as possible.  Look for either Marc Bulger or Kyle Boller to play this role, most likely Bulger because he will be a viable starter if Newton is not ready.  My honest opinion is whether Cam Newton is ready for the NFL or not, he will be the starting quarterback week 1.  The Panthers are still a bad team.  Why not try to develop their future while they lose a couple games? 

Starting QB Week 1: Cam Newton

8) San Francisco 49ers:  Seven years later, the Alex Smith experiment is still going strong.  After being drafted number 1 in 2005, he has had 3 head coaches, 7 offensive coordinators, and 8 other people have started at the quarterback position for the 49ers.  I don't know if I blame the 49ers more for always going back to Smith or Smith for taking all that San Fran gives him.  The 49ers blatantly told Smith he is not their future when they drafted Colin Kaepernick in the second round of the draft.  Yet Alex Smith still wants to come back and the 49ers are going to sign him.  I don't think Troy Smith will come back.  I also don't believe Colin Kaepernick will be any where close to ready when the season starts.  It looks like 49ers fans have another season to get used to booing Alex Smith.  Remember when the 49ers always had the best quarterbacks in football?  Joe Montana goes to Steve Young and even after that Jeff Garcia was a great quarterback with the 49ers.  I'm sorry, but this is starting to become disgraceful.  Sadly there are 7 teams with worse situations than Alex Smith's.

Starting QB Week 1:  Alex Smith

7) Tennessee Titans:  The tenure of Vince Young is completely and utterly over in Tennessee.  The Titans are starting off completely new, new coach, new system, new qb, basically new everything over in Tennessee.  Of course with so much new you have to have something old there.  This is where Kerry Collins comes in.  With Jake Locker coming into the league very raw, Kerry Collins is a necessity as resigning goes.  Jake Locker has all the capabilities to become a great NFL quarterback sometime in the future, but 2011 is not his year.  Kerry Collins is a grizzled veteran who will be able to mold Locker into a great quarterback for the Titans future.  At 38 years old, somehow Collins still has just enough of a skill set to be a decent QB in the league.  I do not know how he keeps doing it, but he has all the capabilities to win a couple games this year and show Jake Locker what it should look like to be a winner.  Bring back the veteran to lead this team one more time.

Starting QB Week 1: Kerry Collins

6)  Seattle Seahawks:  Matt Hasselbeck is a free agent and Charlie Whitehurst isn't who the Seahawks thought they were getting.  Matt Hasselbeck has been everything to Seattle in the past decade.  We also see he has some game left by that show he put on against the New Orleans Saints.  It would be a very smart football decision for Seattle to bring him back.  Two problems, we don't know if he wants to come back and this team need to take a chance on something to take this team to the top of the NFC West.  Pete Carroll has a few USC alums out the for the taking in Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer.  I personally believe they will both end up landing in the hands of the Seattle Seahawks.  Leinart has been a shell of himself since leaving the hands of Pete Carroll.  Carson Palmer wants out of Cincinatti more than America wants out of debt.  Palmer can show his veteran presence and would love to be away from the show that is Ochocinco or Johnson or whatever his name is this week.  Leinart just wants to be on a team where he can be somewhat of a contributor.  I feel like we are getting a USC reunion over in Seattle.  Hey lets invite Reggie Bush, he is allowed to be paid in this situation.

Starting QB Week 1: Carson Palmer

5)  Miami Dolphins:  Tony Sparano is no longer in such good graces over in Miami.  The Dolphins would be a great team for a comeback quarterback story.  They now know they should be a run first team so any QB coming in won't have to put a team on his back.  Chad Henne has not completely lost the job over in Miami, but he definitely does not have a strangle hold over the position.  His complete sub-par season last year is making it look like the Dolphins will bring in a new veteran to fight for the job.  There are a couple of possibilities here but I fully expect a surprise here.  I am thinking you will see a return to form from Jake Delhomme.  My logic may be crazy, but here is where I am coming from.  Delhomme was at his best when he had a great line and a star receiver to throw to.  Also when the offense was run orientated  he looked like a God amongst men.  This is going to be one of the best battles for a position in the NFL.  I believe they will go with the hot new thing over the one they gave more than one chance with.

Starting QB Week 1:  Jake Delhomme

4)  Minnesota Vikings:  For starters, this will not, at least for the Vikings sake it better not, be Brett Favre.  He will retire, his last season was a total disgrace.  Tavaris Jackson will probably want a new start.  The Vikings are sitting here with Joe Webb who was a receiver to start the season, and the newly drafted Christian Ponder.  Christian Ponder will be a good quarterback in the next couple of years, but starting him from day one will be a very big mistake.  He needs to hold a clipboard and develop before he sees the field.  This is where I think you put Donovan McNabb.  He will not worry about teaching his future replacement.  He won't ever be a distraction to the team.  It will be a nice quiet season which will be a nice change from what happened last season.  Donovan will bring a winning mentality and will love to work with Leslie Frazer.  This is the best situation for both parties.  This looks to be a 500 team maybe even a little bit better.  McNabb will love to work with Peterson, a great receiving corps, an intense coach, and one of the best defenses in the league.  Expect great things out of Minnesota for the next couple of years, but for next year expect Donovan McNabb.

Starting QB Week 1:  Donovan McNabb

3)  Washington Redskins:  Can the Redskins really move forward with Rex Grossman as their starting quarterback?  McNabb will most definitely be released.  Mike Shanahan will ask Dan Snyder to go after some kind of big name quarterback since they did not go after someone in the draft.  Look for Kyle Orton to come in here.  Orton is still young enough to be someones QB they can build around.  He has shown he has what it takes to be a Pro Bowl quarterback in this league.  He played for Shanahan's former team.  In my opinion, this just makes sense.  They may pick up another name to back up, maybe a Tarvaris Jackson, but Washington wants to win and the best shot they have at that is to put Orton in the starting lineup from day one.

Starting QB Week 1:  Kyle Orton

2)  Arizona Cardinals:  Last year was terrible when it comes to the quarterback position in Arizona.  There is a serious Kurt Warner hangover happening here.  Matt Leinart is obviously not the heir apparent to anyone.  Derek Anderson did not play well at all for them last year and did not act accordingly off the field.  Arizona needs a franchise QB and that guy is not on the roster right now.  There was talk of McNabb coming here since he has a house in Arizona, but I feel like he wants to win too bad to take a chance by playing for the Cardinals.  I believe it is going to be McNabb's former backup Kevin Kolb.  Kolb is the most intriguing option on the quarterback market right now.  He has shown signs of greatness, but at the same time is extremely scary to take a chance on.  He can take the Cardinals to the place they need to be, or he will be a huge mistake.  Either way, he will be the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback.

Starting QB Week 1:  Kevin Kolb

1)  Cincinnati Bengals:  Carson Palmer wants out, and I don't blame him.  Now the Bengals need to figure out a plan for a position they thought was one of the only ones they had locked down.  They drafted Andy Dalton in the draft this year, which was a pick i really liked, but it will do nothing for 2011.  A look at the pool and the only QB I think would be willing to take a shot at Cincy is a guy who has dealt with controversy and a change of scenery, to anywhere really, would be the best thing for his career.  That man is Vince Young.  He is a proven winner, which is something Cincy desperate needs.  He has a personality that may do decent with the mentality of the team.  Has a decent team around him.  Most of all they would be willing to look past what has already happened.  The Bengals are in a rough spot.  They need a desperation move for the next season, and this one would be the one with the least amount of risk in my opinion.

Starting QB Week 1:  Vince Young

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